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Week 1, July 14: Industry Insights
Week 2, July 21: Productivity & Collaboration
Week 3, July 28: Infrastructure
Week 4, August 4: Security
Week 5, August 11: Data Analytics
Week 6, August 18: Data Management & Databases
Week 7, August 25: Application Modernization
Week 8, September 1: Cloud AI
Week 9, September 8: Business Application Platform (API Management & No-Code App Development)

Announcements (not a comprehensive list)

Confidential Computing

  • Always have your data encrypted even when in-use
  • Enables new use cases such as training models „together“ in the cloud across organizational and regulatory boundaries requiring strict data protection
  • Build on 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs and Shielded VMs

BigQuery Omni

  • Query your data in AWS and Azure from within the BigQuery console in GCP
  • Let your big data data stay in AWS and Azure and avoid egress charges
  • BQ Omni is deployed on Anthos and VMware in AWS and Azure


  • The service was introduced at Google Cloud Next ’19 and has seen numerous improvements since
  • It now provides guidance and benchmarks for a data-drive approach on what to migrate
  • Anthos is Google’s approach for a hybrid and multi-cloud footprint

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